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deered1   in reply to colobeth   on

Women's Grants

I get those all the time, and you are right the fine print.  I even sent out for the cd and low and behold they started bill the credit card I used to get the 1.95.  AT the time it was a pre-paid card that I used to pay my bills with and stuff like that.  Well that got me for a lot of money that I didn't have and would not give it back.  But I kept going and finally that sent it back to me in a check.  So you are right which are real and witch are not.

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deered1   in reply to dawnmarie   on


Hi Dawn I am new to this site and I really don't knowhow this works but it is nice to see that people really help people these days.  I reaaly need help getting my car fix before the first of the month, Then my tag will run out, it has already ran out but I am driving on a wing and a pray.  You can see my profile to see what I had to say about that.  I am baby sitting for my two nice's right now for the sister and brother-in-law are out of town on their anniavariy it is their 19th so I have not been able to do much on trying to get help on my car.   I fear that on the first I will not beable to drive the car and I will surely catch more trouble then I have now,  How did you get the help you needed.  Also what about the government programs that you were talking about.

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My name is cynthia and I am disable.  I went to get my emission test yesterday because my birthday was October 17, the test fail.  It is a 96 Ford Exployer I have had the car for two years.  I pass the last two years but not this year.  The emission man said it was a catalytic converter, either it needs a filter or the hold thing which I don't understand what he is talking about all I know it will cost me money that I don't have. I am not working at the present time like a lot of other people, I really need my car I go to the doctor's in Atlanta, GA which is about 30 miles from where I live.  I go to Grady Hospital because I don't have health insurance as well, I have been waiting on my SSD and SSI for the pass five years and pending a hearing and nothing yet.  I do work part time in sales when I can work.  I have severe RA, Fybermisiesa, DJD, Asmatha,  I am bi-polar and a host of other mental health issue.  These things has been diagnoisis and proven by a number of doctor's I don't understand why I have not recieve my government assistant. I have really been struggling for the past 5 years it is unbelieveable.  I have slept in my car and it looks like I will be sleeping in it again if something don't break for me.  If there is anyone out there who can help me with this problem Please tell who can October will be over soon.  Right now I am driving my car without a new tag and insurance.  This could cause more problem for me then I need right now.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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